I dug up my old typewriter.
4 / 8 / 13

This is my thesis. I will try to post and update this blog as much as possible  so my peers can follow along with my thought process.

The decisions you make determine the person you are. What “is”, can sometimes be considered a really boring reality. So we fantasize and embellish false situations to craft the kind of person we want to become.

4 / 15 /13 

I’m not questioning my decision for thesis proposal, I have a lot of story and memories to draw from: I thought I was long done talking about this. Going through archives of old footage and photographs from my childhood has resurfaced both pleasant and unpleasant memories. I’m looking forward to reviving these memories once more.

4 / 26 / 13 - In regards to my concept class / idea generation

When we started our concept class in the spring. I dreaded the fact that i had to be married to this idea and execute it the following year. But I realized thats exactly what happens when under contract with a large form project. So we began by generating 3 ideas and cold pitching every week and by the end of the semester we developed and had fleshed out one concept. So this is where thesis came from, I found it difficult trying to hone in on what I wanted to do for a whole year since we had to develop other ideas every week. The styleframe I ended up developing for thesis happened the first weeks of semester. Although I didnt have a concept to go with it, it fell under the Self Portrait category of our syllabus’ idea generation list. In a way I am glad we spent time searching other ideas. It gave me time to experiment and try things that I never thought of in the first place, at one point I had to stop myself because I was on the edge of “dude, no. Thats too much for this. Think of something realistic that you can do.” I know I could do it, so I made it into a side project with Thompson. Point is Im glad we searched for ourselves this semester; which is the way I felt during the process. Constantly asking myself “cmmon james what do you want, what do you like?” and yeah I tried random shit, but It was well worth it. I liked the way the class was structured. But as soon I found out what concept I wanted to do, time was short and precious. A lot of pressure being the second class graduating, we need to one up the seniors and keep the reigning title as the department that kicks ass. I ended up using a lot of my experiments and turning my ideas to side projects. They are all in the blog, Thanks Ed.

11/10/13 - Sound Engineering

I have such a headache from listening to crap sound. The piece so far feels good and looks good and thats all thanks to the score. Im engineering my sound with the edit in mind. Today I recorded myself playing piano and then time remapped it, it’s working really well. The edit itself is the hard part, deciding what sound goes where to generate the feeling I am aiming for. Jumping hurdles trying to teach myself how to generate sounds that evoke emotion.

Im basing the edit on how it feels, if that makes any sense. Does it feel good, like fluidity. The piece doesn’t have to have structure, why does it have to be linear. Why can’t I use stream of thought. What I feel goes, what I think goes. But at the same time I have to make conscious decisions about the visuals and sound.